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Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice DGL

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice ( Licorice DGL ) Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL) Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice DGL

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice ( Licorice DGL )

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Technical Name: (Glycyrrhiza Glabra) Dried roots, whole extracts and “deglycyrrhizinated” extracts
Used for: Deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL) for chronic indigestion, heartburn, stomach ulcers, canker sores; whole licorice extract for menstrual and menopausal disorders and inflammatory disorders; topical whole licorice for herpes, eczema, psoriasis
Available In: Whole licorice as roots, extracts, and topical preparations; DGL as chewable tablets, wafers, capsules, tea and powder.

Deglycyrrhizinated licorice, or DGL, is an herbal supplement typically used in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcers. It is made from licorice from which the glycyrrhizin has been removed.



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Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) has been used in food and as medicine for thousands of years. Also known as “sweet root,” licorice root contains a compound that is about 50 times sweeter than sugar. Licorice root has been used in both Eastern and Western medicine to treat a variety of illnesses, ranging from the common cold to liver disease. It acts as a demulcent, a soothing, coating agent, and as an expectorant, meaning it helps get rid of phlegm. It is still used today for several conditions, although not all its uses are supported by scientific evidence.

Plant Description

Licorice grows wild in some parts of Europe and Asia. A perennial that grows 3 – 7 feet high, licorice has an extensive branching root system. The roots are straight pieces of wrinkled, fibrous wood, which are long and cylindrical (round) and grow horizontally underground. Licorice roots are brown on the outside and yellow on the inside. Licorice supplements are made from the roots and underground stems of the plant.


Licorice Root

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice DGL


Licorice Block

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice DGL

Available Forms

Licorice products are made from peeled and unpeeled dried root. There are powdered and finely cut root preparations made for teas, tablets, and capsules, as well as liquid extracts. Some licorice extracts do not contain glycyrrhizin. These extracts are known as deglycyrrhizinated licorice (DGL), and do not seem to have the undesired side effects of other forms of licorice. Some studies suggest DGL may be better for stomach or duodenal ulcers. DGL may offer protection against ulcer formation when taken with aspirin.

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